2D Profiler Engraver Software Examples

By Bob Adams


You can make parts, like the ones shown.

It all starts with a CAD program.

The CAD program used for this example is CMS IntelliCad 6 SE.

You can use AutoCAD or TurboCad too.

The screen shows [Horse2.DXF]

The Outline around the Horse profile can be anything,

Square, Triangular or Oblong. Can also be scaled up or down to suit.

The plaque example can be downloaded from the Internet.

The Horse DXF profile was downloaded from here.



This can be made from Wood, Plastic or Metal.

You can make any shape around the Profile or Engraving.






This is an example that you can do with those State Quarters.





The lettering was done, using a free program DeskEngrave from here.

Import the DXF from the free program into IntelliCAD.

Then using the Edit polyline from the Modify menu to convert to polyline.



Here’s another example Texas.



These operations are built into the 2D Profiler Engraver program.


  1. Drill (this Cribbage Board from a DXF file)


  1. Pocket (Circular/Square/Rectangular/Hex)




  1. Multi-Pass Profiler (Make a Wrench)




  1. Engrave the Wrench










  1. Gcode Viewer






  1. Join Files





       Some of the extra features are:


  1. Cutting Speeds /Feed per Tooth Charts.
  2. Open your CAD program from with in the program.
  3. Convert Metric DXF to Inch


      You can get a 15 day Free Demo for the 2D Profiler Engraver from here.


       Running the gcode file in Mach3 Mill looks like this.









This is the beginning of Wrench gcode file with all the operations.

It was Saved As the Default gcode.txt file.