4th Axis CNC Indexer for Milling and Drilling

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With this New Version V7.0
Note: Program does not cut the Profile only indexes the 4th Axis.
          Fly cut from the Side with a Form tool or from Top with a End mill.

          Cut these Popular Timing Pulleys
  • .080MXL  .200XL  .375L  .500H 
  • 2mmGT 3mmGT 3mmHTD  5mmHTD  5mmT 10mmT  T2.5mm
  • Mill Flats from Stock Dia. like Hex ,Square, etc. 
  • Drill any # of Holes around the Diameter.
  • Drill Bolt Circle
    with 4th Axis Horizontal to Spindle.
  • Calculate the Belt Length and Teeth required for the Pulley's Center.
  • Calculate the # of Teeth for the Ratio you want.
  • Saves your settings to a File.
  • Save on the cost of buying special Timing Pulleys.
  • Runs in Windows Versions XP, 7, 8, 10. 




New Calculator for Two Pulleys

What is needed?
A CNC 4th Axis Rotary table and Cutting tools.
If you don't have a 4th Axis on your Mill or Router.
Get some ideas on how to make one at.

Thanks to http://www.hossmachine.info for these Videos

Tools used to Cut the 10 Tooth .200 XL Pulley are:
5/64" (0.078) Diameter End mill
3/16" (0.1875)  90 degrees Countersink.

10 Tooth Timing Pulley Video YouTube link

YouTube CNC Indexer Tutorial Video

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