Using CAD and Clipart for CNC

By Robert Adams



CNC has become more popular in the last few years, dew to the low cost CNC machines and Software. This is why CAD is a very important part of the CNC Project; it can be a hobby or provide an income. People have said CNC is also addictive, because it is so fascinating you want to learn more. Clipart is used for designing an engraving or cutout in your Project.


These Clipart examples are free from.




To use the Clipart you will need another Free Program from.

The Inkscape program takes the Clipart.bmp and converts it to a DXF file.

Windows Paint program can help with editing from jpg to bmp and saving the file.


This Inkscape video shows how to convert to DXF.


The DXF is then run in a conversion to G-code Program.


The G-code file is then run in the machine controller.


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